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MVP ISOMUSCLE 94 NZ ALL NATURAL is the ideal lean protein supplement for daily use. Designed for hard-working professionals attempting to maintain lean body mass during periods of strenuous activities or intensive exercise periods.

In this formula, ISOMUSCLE94® Protein provides an advanced spectrum of bio-active Glutamine micropeptides. This scientifically engineered formula of advanced Whey Protein Isolate (ISO94) microfractions provides the highest and best protected Biological value (BV) ratio available today.

This superior quality supplies a lean protein supplement in perfect ratio for maximum system absorption, body tissue growth, maintenance and repair. Also contributes to weight reduction, but only as a part of a calorie-reduced diet along with a proper exercise regime.

FUSION BODYBUILDING MINDSET is an advanced transformation catalyst that supports fat metabolism while keeping you focused on your goals. If you’re following a diet and training program (and what bodybuilder isn’t?), MINDSET is even more important.

MINDSET will help keep you on track with your meal plan, your daily routine, and your overall goal of getting shredded. Just take MINDSET in the morning to set the stage for greatness all day long.

So how does it all work? MINDSET contains three proprietary ingredient complexes – the Shredville Complex, theHeadstrong Complex, and the Muscle Function Complex. The Shredville Complex is stacked with therapeutically dosed ingredients like L-carnitine (a well-researched compound shown to promote fat loss), vitamin B6 (a water-soluble vitamin that helps convert food into energy), and chromium picolinate (a mineral that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, metabolize carbohydrates and fats, and support weight loss). The Shredville  Complex also has a healthy dose of cayenne (capsicum annum fruit), one of nature’s best herbal ingredients for helping to curb appetite, speed up metabolism, and burn calories. Read More..

Iforce Nutrition Thermoxyn Powder will increase your basal metabolic rate to burn extra calories each day.

Retain muscle mass. For every pound of muscle you burn an extra 50 calories Increases our rate of thermogenisis increasing the rate in which our body can convert food and fat into heat/energy. Gives users enough energy throughout the day, and reduces appetite.

Product Description

Ingredients (per serving)

Thermoxyn Weight Loss Blend          900mg

AdrenaPlex™:  Caffeine Anhydrous, Theacrine

 Thermoplex™:  Synephrine HCL, Higenamine HCL

 Retainplex™: Lemon Verbena(10% Verbascoside)

 MetaPlex™: Green Tea Extract


Theacrine: This potent stimulant is related to caffeine, however in addition to powerful energy, it also increases fat loss, improves mood, retains muscle mass, and increases exercise motivation.

Caffeine: Caffeine is one of the most proven performance enhancers in the world. It will increase your energy levels in minutes. Caffeine will increase adrenaline and will increase your strength and power.

Synephrine HCL: One of the most effective fat loss ingredients known to man. It will give users unprecedented appetite suppression, intense energy, and incredibly euphoric feeling. This ingredient sensitizes adrenergic and dopamine receptors in our brain.

Higenamine HCL: A potent stimulant that works through the same mechanism as Ephedrine – Beta(2) adrenergic agonism which burns body fat and prevents body fat storage.

Lemon Verbena Extract: Contains a potent antioxidant known as Verbascoside which attacks and elimate free radicals created when we burn fat cells, and has been shown to preserve and protect muscle mass while working out, and in a caloric deficit, leading to preserving more muscle mass.

Green Tea Extract: Contains powerful xanthines with extremely long half lives to provide long lasting energy coupled with high doses of of EGCG for enhanced fat loss.