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Creatine HCL is the most advanced type of creatine. This product is for experienced users who have reached their plateau with all other creatines.

Why are you talking about the solubility?

The solubility is the best way to show the potency of creatine.

Are there any other factors to measure the potency of a creatine?

Yes, we can also measure the potency though stability (degradation) or dissolution.  However, solubility provides a better comparison.

Can I start from NEXT LEVEL CREA-HCL since it is the best from creatines?

NEXT LEVEL CREA-HCL is not the best or the worst one. This product is for experienced users who have reached their plateau with all other creatines.

Do I need to load or cycle with NEXT LEVEL®CREA-HCL?

There is no need, to do lading phase since NEXT LEVEL® CREA-HCL provides highly potent creatine and you also don’t need  to cycle as NEXT LEVEL® CREA-HCL safely delivers creatine on a consistent and efficient manner, which eliminates the need for cycling.

Are you sure I’m getting enough creatine for my muscles?

Your body can produce around 1 gram of creatine per day, you need around 2,5 grams to support your training. You are getting the required amount through intake of the two servings.

How long will it take for me to see results with NEXT LEVEL®CREA-HCL from MVP Biotech?

You should start to see results within 10-14 days. This is the average amount of time reported by our users. But remember, results may vary.

How should I take NEXT LEVEL®CREA-HCL MVP Biotech®?

We recommend taking 1 serving with 6 ounces of water twice daily.

On training days, take one serving with 6 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to training and one serving within 30 minutes after training.  On non-training days, take one serving in the AM and another serving in the PM. It can be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal.