Testdex - what's in this stuff?

Testdex - what's in this stuff?

Testdex has a HUGE following...and there's good reason! It's the ultimate test-boosting anti-estrogen supplement.

How does it work?

Tongkat Ali - this herb has been used for centuries as a Southeast Asian medicine. It's been shown to boost male fertility, cure erectile dysfunction, relieve stress and improve body composition.  

Hesperdin –  this citrus flavonoid inhibits the aromatase enzyme, blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Trans-resveratrol – this phenol from grape skin acts as an estrogen antagonist and also stimulates the pituitary hormones responsible for testosterone production.

Apigenin – this plant flavonoid, found in fruits and vegetables, has been shown to be an effective anti-estrogen.

The ingredients in Testdex are backed by clinical studies!

Serving size is one vege capsule per day!

We recommend this product for your male clients looking to boost testosterone while minimizing estrogen, especially men with a little extra weight to lose. Women can also use Testdex for a short period of time (2-4 weeks) to reduce hard to eliminate estrogen dominant fat around the hips.

Testdex can be used alone or stacked with ALPHA and/or Go Dark.

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