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Meet the brand new Fusion ONE PUNCH™, a knock-out pre-workout formula that puts the POW! in powerful workouts and stops villainous plateaus in their tracks. With ONE PUNCH™, hard-hitting energy and massive muscle pumps take your results up, up and away! Drink 20-30 minutes before training, and let the transformation begin. 


You’re a stand-up person. You hit the gym, block out all distractions, and do your thing without complaint. Still, the pumps you crave have been few and far between – no matter how hard you train. Your muscles are in jeopardy, and there’s only one thing that can save them: ONE PUNCH.

ONE PUNCH™ has been masterminded to provide: 

  • Bigger, better muscle pumps – Ones that will stretch your shirt beyond its limits.
  • Epic strength and performance – Hard-hitting energy to lift heavier than you ever have before.
  • Legendary endurance – Intense stamina to pump out more sets and reps with greater ease.
  • Delayed fatigue – Helping you go longer and harder before feelin’ the burn.
  • No noticeable crash – Just a continual muscle-building high to maximize every workout.
  • Rock-solid recovery – Reducing soreness and repairing tired muscles so you can come back stronger next time.
  • Mind-blowing results – The culmination of all of the above!

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