Blue Star Nutraceuticals AMPLIFYxd (60 caps)

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Amplify XD is designed to amplify the results of creatine based products. It provides a dose of a clinically validated ingredient designed to enhance the nutrient up-take and absorption of creatine for significantly greater increases in lean muscle mass, strength and power that would not be possible if taken on its own.

700% More Lean Muscle!

What will you experience on AMPLIFYxd?
Dramatic Increase in Lean Muscle Mass
Explosive Power
Massive Strength Gains
Significant Increase in Bench Press 1RM
Harder Leaner, More Muscular Physique

Get ready for 120% more strength, 367% more power and up to 700% more lean muscle mass! AMPLIFYxd is formulated to enhance the absorption and delivery of Creatine resulting in a super-saturation in the muscles to drive muscle energy levels, blow through your training plateaus and develop leaner, harder and more explosive muscles.

No Sugar. No Crash. No Load Phase.
Creatine has been scientifically proven, time and time again, to increase lean muscle mass, strength, and power. For this reason many supplement companies have spent an enormous amount of time and energy trying to improve the absorption of Creatine by the muscles including modified Creatines, or dextrose saturated formulas. The benefits are outweighed by the consequences resulting in uncomfortable bloating, painful cramping, water retention, sugar crashes and unwanted weight gain. Blue Star Nutraceuticals Research Team went to work to develop a supplement to maximize Creatine’s results without loading or unwanted sugar calories.

The World’s First Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolic Amplifier!
AMPLIFYxd is the World’s first pharmaceutical grade anabolic amplifier formulated to enhance Creatine up-take with ‘drug-like’ delivery and magnify the results of any one of Blue Star’s Creatine based formulas including POWERxd, PURBLUE and P.P.K. This patent-pending molecule, combined with Blue Star’s absorption-enhancing XD technology is possibly the greatest innovation in Creatine supplementation seen to date.

Human Research
In a double blind placebo controlled study, research showed that stacking the core ingredients in AMPLIFYxd with creatine produced staggering results in just four weeks – significantly outperforming creatine on its own, as well as when combined with 75 grams of sugar! The results found the core ingredients in AMPLIFYxd when combined with creatine or a single serving of any one of Blue Star’s creatine-based products – POWERxd, P.P.K. or PURBLUE CREATINE were shown to experience:


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