Blue Star Nutraceuticals POWER XD Creatine, (120 caps)

What will you experience on POWERXD™?
Up to 8-10 pound Gain of Lean Mass on First cycle!
More Muscular Physique
18% More Power
Dramatic Strength and Power Increases
Improved Recovery
Fuller Muscles with More Volume

Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine Formula – More Lean Muscle and Strength!
Blue Star POWERXD™ is powered with clinically validated doses of pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are proven to build lean muscle mass. Combined with weight training, POWERXD™ will accelerate muscle gains beyond any gains you could get without it.

How does POWERXD™ work?
The core ingredients in POWERXD™, powered with a “drug-like” delivery system, super saturates muscles with creatine, resulting in a massive boost in strength and muscle mass by quickly replenishing “ATP.” ATP is the major energy source you use when you’re lifting weights and doing high intensity workouts. Not to mention, hyper hydrate muscles, deliver crazy muscle pumps and an anabolic muscle building state that simply isn’t possible without the core ingredients in POWERXD™.

POWERXD™ simply has no negative side effects. Furthermore, it is ideal for anyone who experiences bloating or stomach discomfort found from regular creatine monohydrate.

Human Research
The core ingredients in POWERXD™ are clinically validated on human test subjects, which is important since most companies mislead you by promising results solely on animal research. What’s worse, they don’t use the clinically validated dose in their formula! The results found from the core ingredients in POWERXD™ have shown to:

Produce an Average Lean Mass Gain of 8 pounds
Improve Maximal Strength
Improve Muscular Endurance
Increased Anaerobic Power
Increased Hydration
Better Recovery



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