BNI Glutamine (500g), (100 servings) Fruit Punch

BNI Glutamine prevents muscle catabolism and participates in the transport of nitrogen from muscle tissue.

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The main source of energy for rapidly dividing cells (lymphocytes, enterocytes) which allows a strengthening of the immune and digestive systems.

Maintains cell volume and moisture optimally.

Studies show that taking 2g of L-Glutamine at bedtime increases growth hormone production by 400%.

Accelerates the healing of bruises and bruises.

For the athlete, L-Glutamine is the most important amino acid.

Glutamine (99.5% Pure) 5 g.


Par une mesure (5.6 g)

Glutamine (99.5% Pure) 5 g.

Other ingredients: Natural and artificial flavors color, sucralose, citric acid.

SUGGESTED USE: Adults: Take 1 teaspoon daily, preferably after training.

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Fruit Punch

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