Fusion Bodybuilding AMINOMANIA, (365g)

FUSION BODYBUILDING AMINOMANIA contains high-grade BCAAs that easily absorb into your system to repair and build muscle. It does this via two proprietary complexes: The first is a Protein Synthesis Complex, with L-Leucine, L-Lysine, and L-Asparic Acid as its key ingredients. 

Since L-Leucine is an essential amino acid (meaning your body cannot synthesize it), it must be ingested. It is the only dietary amino acid that has the power to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and also helps slow muscle degradation and spare precious muscle. L-Lysine, also an essential amino acid, helps promote calcium absorption, aids in muscle recovery, and may even promote growth hormone release. Lastly, L-Asparic Acid is a non-essential amino acid used by your body to create other amino acids and to promote energy. It also increases mental focus for better performance.

Quick and Powerful Muscle Repair
If you know your stuff, you know that branched chain amino acids (or BCAAs for short) play a critical role in the musclebuilding process. Consisting of three amino acids – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine – BCAAs help your muscles quickly repair after workouts. They also promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth. But not all BCAA supplements are the same. AMINOMANIA contains the finest and purest BCAAs to ensure they are metabolized directlyinto your muscle tissues. It’s also formulated with therapeutically dosed ingredients to ensure you see maximum results in the shortest time possible. 

The second proprietary complex in AMINOMANIA is the Muscle Performance Complex. Amla Fruit, a superfood packed with antioxidants, is one of its key ingredients. Along with its health benefits, Amla Fruit also enhances protein synthesis, helps tone muscles, and reduces bodyfat. Meanwhile, Rutin has been added for its antioxidant and vascular health support. Other ingredients – like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin B6, and Chromium – promote the kind of strong, healthy system you need for maximum performance and musclebuilding. Added to all this is an Absorption Initiator, which ensures AMINOMANIA is quickly and easily absorbed into your system. 

Is AMINOMANIA Part of YOUR Musclebuilding Stack? 
Put simply, AMINOMANIA isn’t just a “nice to have.” If you’re looking to take things to the next level, it’s an absolute staple. So if it’s not in your stack already, get on it today. The benefits speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should use AMINOMANIA?
We truly believe AMINOMANIA should be used by ALL bodybuilders who want to improve their results. Think about all the time and effort you put into the gym. All that work can go to waste if you’re not feeding your muscles the necessary BCAAS to repair and regrow. Remember, bodybuilding is a continual cycle of breaking down and rebuilding your muscles. AMINOMANIA helps optimize this process so you’re always performing and looking your best.   

Q. Won’t my muscles naturally repair on their own?
Well … to an extent. Your body is a powerful system that can definitely do some heavy repair work, especially when you’re eating right and getting lots of rest after hard training. But I’m sure you can also remember times when it took you days to fully recover after a tough session. Feeling sore after a workout can be good – sort of like a badge of honour and proof that you truly pushed yourself. But if you’re hurting for days and can’t seem to get back to the gym because of it, that’s another story. AMINOMANIA simply – but powerfully – ensures you recover quickly enough to keep your musclebuilding momentum going.  

Q. What flavours does AMINOMANIA come in?
AMINOMANIA is available in delicious White Grape and Blue Raspberry flavours. We’re not exaggerating when we say they both taste like candy! With AMINOMANIA, you no longer have to choke down gritty, white BCAA powders. 

Q. How do I take AMINOMANIA?
Before, during, or post-workout, mix one to two rounded scoops of AMINONMANIA with 250 mL of water per scoop, or as directed by a health care practitioner.  To adjust the flavouring, simply increase or decrease the amount of water. Take AMINOMANIA at least two hours before or after taking other medications.







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