Fusion Bodybuilding MINDSET (90 caplets)

FUSION BODYBUILDING MINDSET is an advanced transformation catalyst that supports fat metabolism while keeping you focused on your goals. If you’re following a diet and training program, MINDSET is even more important.

MINDSET will help keep you on track with your meal plan, your daily routine, and your overall goal of getting shredded. Just take MINDSET in the morning to set the stage for greatness all day long. 


Fat Burning and Mental Focus All in One


So how does it all work? MINDSET contains three proprietary ingredient complexes – the Shredville Complex, theHeadstrong Complex, and the Muscle Function Complex. The Shredville Complex is stacked with therapeutically dosed ingredients like L-carnitine (a well-researched compound shown to promote fat loss), vitamin B6 (a water-soluble vitamin that helps convert food into energy), and chromium picolinate (a mineral that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, metabolize carbohydrates and fats, and support weight loss). The Shredville  Complex also has a healthy dose of cayenne (capsicum annum fruit), one of nature’s best herbal ingredients for helping to curb appetite, speed up metabolism, and burn calories.

Next, the Headstrong Complex contains the perfect triple threat of L-aspartic acid (an amino acid that plays a vital role in energy production and cognitive function), caffeine (to boost energy, alertness, metabolism, and weight loss), and rhodiola rosea roseroot (used for increasing energy, stamina, strength, and mental capacity). Rhodiola also helps the body adapt to physical stress, improve athletic performance, and shorten recovery time after long workouts.

Lastly, but just as importantly, the Muscle Function Complex contains calcium and magnesium to aid in the production of energy and support strong, healthy muscles.

Prime Your Body for Greatness 

Whether you’re in it for the fat burning, mental focus, or other great benefits, you’ll love how MINDSET can help you see professional-level results.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is MINDSET just for bodybuilders?     

A. While bodybuilding is nearest and dearest to our hearts, we’re also fans of many other sports and recognize that they may demand just as much mental focus and alertness. So even though MINDSET has been created for bodybuilders first and foremost, it can be used by any athlete wanting to improve focus and fat-burning potential.


Q. You’ve talked a lot about mental focus and fat burning. What are some other perks to using MINDSET?     

A. MINDSET is a powerful formula with a host of other great benefits. For example, it helps your body to metabolize carbs, fats, and proteins so you can get the most out of your musclebuilding diet. Speaking of muscle, MINDSET supports muscle function and is a source of amino acids, which are involved in protein synthesis. MINDSET also helps with overall wellness; it has antioxidant properties and aids in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.


Q. When you say MINDSET helps maintain proper muscle function, what does that mean exactly? 

A. Sometimes we think about muscles in a purely aesthetic way – like how much better someone with a large, muscular physique looks compared to a guy who’s never lifted a dumbbell before. But muscles have a variety of other functions in the body, like generating force, controlling movement, and helping to maintain posture. By improving muscle function, MINDSET ensures your body looks great and is performing at its highest level.  


Q. I’ve heard a bit about MINDSET’s “Bullet Caplet®” technology. What’s that all about? 

A. Our Bullet Caplet® technology is a proprietary delivery system, exclusive to Fusion Bodybuilding, which ensures MINDSET’s advanced ingredients are delivered right away and easily absorbed into your system. Put simply, it means faster, better results.


Q. How do I take MINDSET?    

A. MINDSET should be taken in the morning to give you the focus you need to go about your daily routine and reach your weight-loss goals. Take three capsules (preferably with water), and refrain from taking MINDSET right before bed.

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