SPINACH•FLEX delivers a blend of powerful antioxidants derived from raw sources of superfoods, including spinach, grapes, broccoli and other potent antioxidants, including vitamins C and E and co-enzyme Q10.

Feeding your body raw superfood nutrients can have a positive effect on building hard, high-quality muscle. On a daily basis, your body is exposed to toxins from the environment, stress and intense, hard workouts. This can result in an increase of lactic acid, ammonia and toxins, which impedes muscle building and the recovery process. Combine that with a strict diet and you are no doubt missing important antioxidants and essential nutrients that can keep your body functioning at an optimal rate or provide protection against exercise-induced free radicals.



Take one serving of SPINACH•FLEX each day with your morning meal to allow for maximum absorption of the essential nutrients. However, SPINACH•FLEX can also be taken after your workout to assist in the recovery process, assisting with the removal of toxins, scavenging lactic acid and ammonia that result from a hard, intense workout.

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