Future Nutrition CLA Slim-X (100 softgels), (conjugated linoleic acid)


Future Nutrition CLA Slim-X support healthy weight loss, lean muscle and promote exercise recovery.

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Product Description

CLA was discovered by Dr. Michael Pariza and Dr. Mark Cook at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It has been studied as an anti-carcinogen as well as a catalyst in the retention of lean muscle tone, body fat reduction, and energy metabolism.

According to Dr. Pariza and Dr. Cook, CLA is a previously unrecognized nutrient that most individuals do not obtain in sufficient quantities anymore and this may be the reason why many people have greater percentages of fatty tissue now than ever before. Grass used to be the primary food source for cows and other grazing ruminants. Grass is rich in linoleic acid. An enzyme in the animals’ digestive systems converts linoleic acid to conjugated linoleic acid. Meats and dairy foods used to be the best source for CLA. However, due to changes in the way these animals are raised (they are rarely pasture grazed as they were in the past) and the reduced consumption of red meat and dairy products, the levels of CLA in our diets have been dramatically reduced.

Medicinal ingredients (per softgel):
Conjugated linoleic acid …800 mg[derived from processed safflower (carthamus tinctorius) seed oil] (1000 mg CLA-rich oil provides 800 mg conjugated linoleic acid)
Non-medicinal ingredients: Gelatin.

Recommended dose (adults): 2 capsules, 2 times daily.
Directions for use: Take with food.

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