Future Nutrition Melatonin 5mg (120 caps)


Future Nutrition Melatonin benefits are:

  • Helps re-set the body’s sleep-wake cycle.
  • Helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep in people with delayed sleep phase disorder.
  • Helps increase the total sleep time in people suffering from sleep restriction or altered sleep schedule.
  • Helps to prevent or reduce the effects of jetlag (daytime fatigue, sleep disturbance) for people travelling by plane easterly across two or more time zones.

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Product Description

Medicinal ingredients (per capsule): Melatonin (N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) …….5 mg

Recommended dose (adults): Take 1-2 capsules per day.

Directions for use: Do not drive or use machinery for 5 hours after taking melatonin.
For Jetlag: Take once a day at bedtime after darkness has fallen, while travelling, and at destination until adaptation to the new daily pattern.
For sleep restriction or delayed sleep phase disorder: Take once a day, at or before bedtime.
Directions for use: For use beyond 4 weeks, consult a health care practitioner. In case of jetlag, it is for occasional short-term use.

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