MVP Biotech Power Mass Xtreme (10lb) Bag

If your looking for a quick way of gaining pure hard mass try POWER MASS XTREME® for a while and you’ll be more than amazed of the results and how fast you will get there. This formula will give you’re body all it needs to reach incredible mass, strength and power. For extra gain POWER MASS XTREME® as been fortified with A Multi Technologies A.M. – P.M Formula to help you achieve your goals even faster.

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POWER MASS XTREME® as a Precision-Engineered ISO LeanGainer supplement can be used to support high-protein and high-calorie needs for various active individuals. As Meal Replacement: can be taken anytime you want to add muscle building protein, calories and micronutrients to your diet.

Without a doubt, POWER MASS XTREME®
is the Ultimate complete formula designed for serious hardcore athletes that need every drop of nutrient support, for massive hardcore gains!

  1. Sustained Release (8 hours of amino acid for nitrogen delivery)
  2. Multi-Functional A.M.-P.M. Protein and Carbohydrate Blend (Ideal for post workout).
  3. 6 Different Ultra-Premium Proteins.
  4. Active Protein Utilization Enzymes for Increase & Efficiency of Use BCAAs and Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids.
  5. Medium Chain Triglycerides for Fast Burning Energy Source.
  6. Glutamine Peptides and Glutamine AKG.
  7. Good Source of Fiber.
  8. Aspartame Free.
  9. Thermo-Lipid Complex.
  10. Integrated ATP Support System.

Weight5.0 kg
Flavour options

Vanilla, Chocolate

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