MVP High Impact Glutamine 300g+300g-DUAL PACK


Glutamine may be the single most important amino acid in the body for creating anabolic (muscle building) conditions in the muscle and protecting us from the ravages of overtraining. When the human body is altered by factors such as stress or disease, its demands for extra glutamine can change drastically.

One form of stress that occurs is when a person bodybuilds using heavy poundages and intense training. During this training the use of glutamine by the other organs of the body increases in response to bodily stress. Intense exercise also causes the production of lactic acid and ammonium by the muscles.

Glutamine powder is an essential amino acid supplement that is anti-inflammatory and necessary for the growth and repair of your intestinal lining. L-glutamine benefits include acting as a protector: coating your cell walls and acting as a repellent to irritants. Take 2–5 grams twice daily.

Glutamine is known to promote anabolic conditions in muscle cells and increase the rate of protein synthesis.


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