Precision Six Pack for Women – 24hr


  • Burn excess fat and find your abs in a fraction of the time
  • Boost metabolism so you can strip down to the body you crave
  • Increase energy so you can stay focused and train harder than ever before

Contain 2 bottles of 120 caps each. One for Day Time and One for Night Time to fire up your internal furnace and promote greater fat burning activity all day and all night.

The 24hr Fat Burning Program

Ready for a change? If you want to burn fat and get cut fast, you’ve got to get with the program. Diet and exercise will get you part of the way there; high quality, hardcore supplements will push you over the edge, giving you washboard abs and a rock hard physique. Only one supplement gives you what your body needs for serious, professional results: SixPack².

SixPack² is a gender specific 24hr fat burning program that targets the six specific aspects of the fat burning process. It’s the only surefire way to get the ripped look that you’ve always wanted. Everything else is wasting your time.


Nighttime formulas enhance the natural weight-loss opportunities that happen in the early stages of sleep by stimulating specialized hormones.



Take two capsules with your breakfast and two with your dinner. Trouble sleeping? Switch to taking your second dose at lunchtime.


Take four capsules right before bed. Your stomach should be fairly empty and you should take this dose with water – not juice or milk.

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