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MVP Revive Recovery (50 Servings)

MVP Revive Recovery (50 Servings)

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MVP Revive X3™ is a superbly crafted supplement and in high dosages is extremely powerful in the delivery of micronutrients in a novel combination of advanced nutraceuticals. Revive X3™ is uniquely designed to work on hyperalimentation of amino acid nitrogen essential for management recuperation. MVP Scientists sought to develop a supplement that they believed to be the absolute strongest in augmenting the hypertrophy process initiated with resistance training (new muscle growth) in type-two white muscle fiber tissue. Also, to maximize the muscle substrates most critical for tissue restoration and recovery!

Is your post workout energy level low? Most likely, it is a combination of various factors. Over training which in reality is just a case of under recuperating and low cellular energy. The Revive 3™ formula from MVP Biotech® pushes you through both barriers! It not only drives your system forward but the synergistic amalgamation of Revive X3™ also creates an environment of rapid cellular recuperation power! There is no other Post-Workout Drink Mix that produces such immediate and satisfying results. Revive X3™ is ideal for individuals who want maximum muscle tissue growth and repair!




Top Benefits

    • Perfect recovery agent

    • Replenishes you blood glucose levels

    • Improves nitrogen balance

    • Promotes muscle tissue growth

    • Promotes muscle tissue repair

    • Transports nitrogen

    • Improved sports performance

    • Reduces fatigue

    • Supports cardiovascular health

    • Reduces oxidative stress

    • Promotes NO production








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