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5-Way Powered Emergency Weather Radio

5-Way Powered Emergency Weather Radio

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  • Portable AM/FM/SW/WB Weather Radio - This emergency radio's coverage is very comprehensive. It receives broadcasts from AM/FM/SW radio stations/7 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels so you can stay informed on all hazard information for your area, like Tornados, Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, etc. And you can also put this item in kitchen to listen to your favorite AM/FM/SW channels. Not only great for emergencies, but can be used every day. (AM-520-1700Khz,FM-87-108MHz,SW-7.0-19.0Mhz)
  • 5 Charging Ways as a Must Have Emengency Kit - NOAA emergency weather radio has 5 power sources - solar panel, hand crank, 3 AAA batteries (not included), USB input, and a 5000 rechargeable battery. You can charge it by a USB cable or use batteries to power your radio. When batteries are dead, you can use the solar or hand crank to keep your radio powered. To make it easier to keep the emergency radio running during a prolonged situation where power is off and batteries have been used up.
  • 3W LED Emergency Flashlight & 6 LED Reading Lamp Radio - The flashlight on this emergency crank radio projects a good enough distance to see your way, or by flipping up the solar panel, you'll find a bar light to use for reading. Both lights have two brightness modes controlled by repeatedly pressing the button for each. It's great to illuminate a wide area and for camping or when you have a power failure.This radio will give you peace of mind when the weather is unstable or in emergency.
  • 5000 Battery Capacity Emergency Phone Charger & Loud SOS Alarm - This portable emergency radio has a built-in 5000 Large rechargeable battery that can also to charge your phone.It ensures that you can survive the dangerous environment and keep in touch with the outside world all the time. The radio has a Red SOS (Save Your Soul) button that you simply press and a loud siren begins to blare. It will certainly get someone's attention in an emergency situation.
  • Multi Function & 18-Month Extended Warranty - We guarantee a 18-month warranty to make it no risk for your purchase.If any question please contact: Updated with 3.5mm headphone jack to provide personal listening without disturbing others. Tiny (6.6*2.3*3.1" ,0.93 lb ) but mighty.This solar crank radio comes with a Nylon Wrist Strap & Carabiner Clip so you can hang it somewhere handy. A must-have for casual camping or wilderness survival in your Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Product Description

A Must-Have Emergency Kit All In One - Mesqool Solar Hand Crank AM FM Shortwave NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Flashlight Reading Light, Compass SOS

Stylish and Thoughtfully Design, A Must-Have Emergency Kit All In One --------- NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Solar Radio, Hand Crank Radio, Battery Operated Radio, Portable AM FM Shortwave Radio, LED Camping Flashlight, Reading Light, Compass, Emergency Charger, SOS alarm.

5 Way Powered, Never Worry It Power Off Anytime

  • Dynamo Crank, provide the option of using windup power for weather related emergencies such as tornadoes, hurricanes and extreme snow storms. boost a dead phone, keeping you safe and in touch.
  • Solar Panel, absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct electricity to charge the internal battery.
  • 5000 Large-Capacity Rechargeable Battery, it can be charged by winding up handle or solar crank or Micro USB input connection.
  • Micro USB Input, connect the included micro USB cable to the proper adapter to charge the internal built-in Battery.
  • 3 x AAA Battery (not included)can also power this radio when you are on travelling

A Wide Range of Reception Including AM, FM, Shortwave and NOAA weather stations with SOS

  • Easily Switch from AM FM SW radio by rotating the BAND knob .
  • The 7 NOAA weather channels are pre-programmed and easy to setup with intuitive knobs
  • Extra Loud SOS sound for transmissions requesting help in Emergency

Work as A Handy Camping Flashlight

6-LED reading light built into the reverse side of the solar charging cells,flip up to become a reading lamp or camp light outside

  • When blackout or in danger, wind up handle to generate power for charging internal battery for flashlight working in darkness.

Emergency Charger for Cellphone to Keep You Connected Anytime

Mesqool Easy Set Multifunctional Portable NOAA Weather Radio Just For You

Boost A DEAD PHONE in Emergency - Keep You Far Away from Danger

7 Weather Bands Also Along with NOAA Weather Alert Alarm, Which is Very helpful to live through the Hurricane & Snowstorm Season

Comprehensive coverage of all the 7 weather bands

  • 7 weather station bands(162.400/162.425/162.450/162.475/162.50/162.525 /162.55MHz) are enough to get local weather forecast allover the 50 States,Puerto Rico&U.S.Virgin Islands.
  • set the band selector to "WB" and choose one of the 7 bands to find your local weather station.
  • Set the “NOAA Alert" will Auto Turn ON the radio if there is a severe weather in your area, but you must make sure that your setting operation is correctly.
  • When on the “NOAA Alert" mode , AC Adapter Power suggested to make sure the enough power.

  • SOS Alert along with red beacon light & super loud alarm sound, does help to locate your position and is very useful in an emergency.
  • 5000 battery recommend to get louder sound for helps because of its strong power supply.


  • Identify your local weather band. if the location changes, you may need to change the weather band.
  • “NOAA Weather Alert” suggested AC Adapter Power
  • “SOS Alert” recommend battery power to get louder sound

5-Way Power Sources Weather Radio with Crank Handle/Solar Panel/Rechargeable Battery/USB Charging Port/AAA Batteries

  1. 5000 built-in rechargeable battery -- Large capacity battery can provide long radio time & flashlight duration. 5000 internal battery charged by AC Power, It also can charged by Crank Handle,Solar Panel.
  2. Crank Handle -- Self-powered dynamo for emergency outage.Unfold the crack handle from the backside. Either direction rotation perfectly to Self-Charge when outage.
  3. Solar Panel -- Expose the solar panel to bright sunlight to generate bits(30-50mA) of power for maintaining the build -in rechargeable battery for initial use.
  4. AC Power -- plug the AC adapter (not included) into a standard outlet, then connect to the MICRO USB Cable's (included) "INPUT”jack to use or to charge the internal rechargeable battery.
  5. AAA Batteries -- 3pcs * AAA batteries work as backup,you need prepare yourself (not included). When you use this mode, please slide the "power" button on the front to AAA mode

Other Great Bonus Adding Convenience for You

A Must-have Leisure Radio with AM/FM/Shortwave for Household&Outdoor

  • AM/FM --Receives Local Stations( AM Radio Frequency:520-1710Khz;FM Radio Frequency:87-108MHz) to Enjoy Music,Talk Shows, Sports, Stories, Traffic.
  • SW--Receive Shortwave Band(7.0-19.0MHZ) to listen to overseas broadcasts like the BBC, Radio France/ Moscow/ Beijing, Voice Of America and more.
  • You can enjoy survival radio programs with your family/friends while outdoor picnic or household dinner.

Telescopic antenna/Volume knob help to get the best Radio effect

  • Telescopic antenna can be extended to strengthen radio signal

When listening to FM/SW & Weather band stations, please extend the telescopic antenna to receive the best signal; When listening to the AM Stations,it is better to use it near window or open space to get the best effect.

  • Volume knob is easily to adjust radio volume level

Turn the Volume Control Knob to adjust your preferred sound volume of the radio at any time, authentic pleasure in real time.

5000 Charger with USB Charge Cable

  • 5000 Built-in Rechargeable Battery work as a Multi-functional Emergency charge your run out of battery digital devices ,Such as cell phone ,camera,Video Recorder and so on.
  • Large capacity battery provide long time flashlight &Reading Lamp duration
  • There also has a Micro USB Charge Cable for your convenience.

LED Flashlight/Reading Lamp provide long time light duration

  • Our emergency weather radio provides you with 2 light sources: a bright flashlight and a reading lamp. It is an essential emergency lighting tool.
  • Reading Lamp - perfect for reading, playing ,dinner because of its extensive view.
  • Campling Flashlight with strong Bright light - Very help for to find your way when outdoor activities or find something in darkness area.

Loud SOS Alarm Help You Get Rescued

  • When there is an emergency, just press the SOS button on the right side of the solar radio.
  • It will emit an loud siren together with a red alert light to get you noticed and rescued in the first place.
  • Never to worry about being trapped alone in a dangerous area.

Headphone Jack for Enjoy Radio Personally

  • Based on Customers' feedback, Mesqool portable weather radio is especially designed with 3.5mm headphone Jack.
  • When you are tired and don’t want to bother others you can insert an headphone to enjoy radio program privately.

Portable & Compact

  • The hand Strap makes the portable radio very useful for outdoor activities such as Field Survival/Camping/ Boating Trip), it is convenient to carry out, you also can hang the emergency radio on your backpack with Hang buckle.
  • Additional compass very helpful to identify the direction if get lost or orient yourself while on an adventure. A really important emergency tool for you.


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