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Advanced Genetics Alpha SIX PACK (6 x 90 caps)

Advanced Genetics Alpha SIX PACK (6 x 90 caps)

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✔ Stimulate muscle growth

✔ Give you more energy

✔ More muscle and less fat


The World's Strongest [Legal] Anabolic Hormone Optimizer!




✔ Increase protein synthesis

✔ Boost nitric oxide levels

✔ Trigger fat loss

✔ Decrease breakdown of amino acids

✔ Fire up metabolism

Be the ALPHA Male! ALPHA™ revolutionizes hormone optimization. The cutting-edge ingredients in ALPHA are clinically proven to boost testosterone, growth hormone and libido levels. ALPHA will amplify the anabolic muscle building process. The result: increased lean mass, strength, and muscle hardness.

ALPHA can be taken either:

Before training - ALPHA will prime your body's testosterone and growth hormone levels for optimal growth and recovery. You will experience higher than normal aggresiveness in the gym, extreme focus, and intensified pumps.

Before bed - ALPHA will send your anabolic hormone levels through the roof while you sleep creating the optimal environment for muscle growth. (Perfect strategy to use while taking off days from the gym.)
ALPHA-TEST™ - increases free testosterone by as much as 298%! Testosterone is the key anabolic hormone responsible for rapid mucle growth and elevated libido.
ALPHA-DEX™ - reduces estrogen by as much as 43%! Estrogen is the "female hormone" and by limiting its conversion allows for more muscle-building testosterone to circulate.

ALPHA-TROPIN™ - raises growth hormone by up to 350%! Growth Hormone stimulates protein anabolism, enhances fat loss and regulates carbohydrate metabolism.



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