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Ballistic Dry Scoop Extreme Pre-Workout (Grape Bubble Butt)

Ballistic Dry Scoop Extreme Pre-Workout (Grape Bubble Butt)

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  • INCREASED STRENGTH & POWER - Muscle Building Performance! Dry Scoop includes BetaBuild which gives your muscles the highest level of intracellular hyper hydration. This along with the full blend of ingredients can give you mass muscle gains and even more strength and power
  • EXTREME CLEAN ENERGY - NO DISTRACTING SKIN-CRAWLING STIMS. Dry Scoops blend of L-Tyrosine, DMAE, and Caffeine provides you and your brain that extra boost without sketchy uncomfortable stimulants
  • TUNNEL VISION FOCUS & AWARENESS - Elevated Mood and Mental Clarity! Nootrenergy gives you an enhanced mind to muscle connection so you can have the most focused and driven workouts!
  • FEEL-IT-NOW FORMULA - Feel it Working in Minutes! with Oralgest, a key ingredient that allows DryScoop to begin digestion in your mouth, this way you can feel the effects in as little as 10-15 minutes!

We know you want to feel your pre workout as fast as humanly possible, so we delivered the fastest, craziest, strongest pre on the market! Using our proprietary oral absorption accelerator - ORALGEST™, DRY SCOOP® actually begins to be digested in your mouth within seconds. Meaning you can take it as little as 10 to 15 minutes before your workout and you’ll be jacked up and ready to go when you arrive at the gym!


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