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Blue Star Nutraceuticals OMEGA BLUE, (90 softgels)

Blue Star Nutraceuticals OMEGA BLUE, (90 softgels)

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What are Omega-3s?

Blue Star Omega-3 fatty acids are important in the regulation of physical, mental, emotional, and physiological deficiencies - a notion that has been recognized in more than 15,000 scientific papers.

Additionally, omega-3s play a crucial role in overall health maintenance throughout your entire life. To date, research shows that every cell in your body requires omega-3s to properly function.

Fresh Citrus Flavor


Fish are friends.

Omega-3 fatty acids are produced by aquatic plants. Phytoplankton, for example, produce EPA and DHA - the most bioactive, and therefore the most benefit-providing, omega-3s.* Ocean fish feed on high volumes of phytoplankton, making them a rich, highly concentrated dietary source of EPA and DHA.

You've heard it your whole life - "fish is brain food.". Now you know why.


What does "essential" mean?

What your body needs and what your diet provides are two very different things. Your body can make some of what it needs on its own. This isn’t the case for omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are essential fats, meaning your body must get them from food or supplements. Otherwise, you don’t get them at all.


So what are my options? Eat all this, or take Omega-Blue™.

The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 500 mg daily of EPA and DHA. How you get it is up to you. Three servings of eel? Sixteen raw clams? Two dozen eggs? Any of these options will get you there.

But none of them even come close to a single serving of Omega-Blue™.

From sea-to-sea, they agree.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are globally undisputed. Researchers from countries around the world agree that diets rich in omega-3s provide important health benefits in the following areas:

    • Muscle Growth

    • Muscle Endurance

    • Fat Metabolism

    • Heart

    • Brain

    • Bone and Joint

    • Skin

    • Hair

Omega-Blue is the perfect daily supplement for:

    • Young, active males

    • Middle-aged men with joint discomfort

    • Anyone who hates seafood

    • Anyone who wants a convenient, cost-effective solution to expensive fresh fish

    • Competitive athletes with high demands of the body’s performance

    • Professionals concerned with their ability to concentrate

    • Students concerned with improving their memory and ability to learn

    • Anyone looking to build muscle

    • Anyone looking to offset their inadequate diet

IFOS™ - we have it, they don't.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Omega-Blue™ is certified by the International Fish Oil Standards™ (IFOS™) program. The IFOS™ program is the only third party fish oil testing and certification program in the world. IFOS™ tests products by lot, using direct analysis, for active ingredient content, contaminants, and radiation. As a result, IFOS™ certified products are the global standard for purity, potency, and freshness.

Take Omega-Blue with you

There’s no arguing the importance and effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids. Hundreds of published studies from around the world conclude the positive health benefits associated with daily omega-3 intake.

But the truth is - fish stinks. And concentrated fish oil pills? Even worse!

But not Omega-Blue™. Omega-Blue™ is wrapped in a protective coating that dissolves only in your intestines, not your stomach.* What does that mean for you? Zero “fish-burps”. You’re free to take Omega-Blue™ mid-meal, mid-morning, or even mid-meeting without having to worry about it wreaking havoc on your conversation skills.* It’s a detail often overlooked by shoddy, substandard omega-3 manufacturers - and it’s another shining example of what sets Omega-Blue™ apart from all the fish oil products.

Real products from real people.

“Supplementing with omega-3s can make drastic metabolic improvements for anyone who eats a typical western diet. Omega-Blue™ is a high-potency source of EPA and DHA, which is critical to improve insulin sensitivity, blood chemistry, fat metabolism, inflammation, muscle growth and endurance. This is not just for athletes, everyone can benefit from Omega-Blue™.”

David Gundermann
Chief Scientific Officer, Blue Star Nutraceuticals
Ph.D., Nutrition & Metabolism, University of Texas Medical Branch
M.Sc. Human Performance, University of Florida





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