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Coconut Popping Oil - 30 oz

Coconut Popping Oil - 30 oz

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  • PERFECT POPCORN IN 3 MINUTES: All you need is buttery salt and this coconut popping oil for the perfect stovetop popcorn. This is the same coconut oil movie theaters use in commercial poppers and will work perfectly with your Whirley Pop to make perfect popcorn in 3 minutes.
  • AUTHENTIC TASTE AT HOME: One 30-ounce jar of premium theater coconut popping oil are included in this purchase. The key to that familiar movie theater style popcorn flavor you crave is all packed in this delicious coconut popping oil.
  • EASY, VERSATILE FLAVOR: Simply pair this popping oil with Wabash Valley Farms popping corn and season to your desired taste. Or, use to flavor other snacks or recipes for a fun twist!
  • SPICE UP MOVIE NIGHT: Keep this popping oil on hand to use with your Whirley Pop or other favorite recipes for a fun flavor you'll crave time and time again.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE AND STORE: The small jar size makes these containers easy to use. When you're finished popping your popcorn or making another favorite recipe or snack, simply store the oil in your pantry for next time. Keep in mind the color and consistency of the product will vary based on the temperature, but its taste and quality will not be affected.

The three key ingredients to making theatre-style popcorn are: great popcorn, buttery salt, and coconut oil.


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