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Decaf Single Origin - Dark Roast, Jitter Free

Decaf Single Origin - Dark Roast, Jitter Free

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  • Fair Trade Organic Decaf Single Origin Coffee: This dark roast coffee has sweet, rich, intense and classic tasting notes; 300g; Whole bean
  • Specialty Coffee Taste Profile: Sugar-sweet, dried fruit, semi-sweet chocolate, baking spice; The organic Arabica beans in this coffee have been Swiss Water decaffeinated and present a clean, full-bodied taste with hints of cocoa and black currants
  • This coffee creates an exceptional cup using any brew method! Enjoy a rich full-flavoured cup and have a restful sleep at night; This specialty coffee has been carefully curated to deliver a classic sweet taste that will brew a full-bodied cup
  • Level Ground: A Canadian owned Coffee Roaster located in Victoria, B.C; Focused on providing Fair Trade, 100% Certified Organic, and Kosher specialty coffee since 1997; We believe everyone deserves a cup of carefully crafted coffee!
  • Well Sourced and Well Crafted: Level Ground partners with progressive co-ops who are focused on coffee quality, environmental sustainability and fair income for farmers; Everything we do is fair trade, organic, and quality centered
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Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC, Canada. This coffee is Swiss Water decaffeinated and presents a clean, full-bodied taste with hints of cocoa and black currants. The beans are decaffeinated in Vancouver, creating a delicious, quality cup of coffee. So, you’ll enjoy your rich full-flavoured Honduran coffee and you’ll sleep at night. The social impacts supported when purchasing this coffee include female farmer empowerment, sanitation upgrades, and increased productivity education.


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