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Egg White Protein Isolate Powder, (Chocolate Milk), (1.63 lbs)

Egg White Protein Isolate Powder, (Chocolate Milk), (1.63 lbs)

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  • THERE'S A CHANGE IN THE SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY THAT YOU'RE HELPING DRIVE. Athletes are looking for minimally processed products that have recognizable ingredients. While there are more options now in the foods you choose, the supplement industry hasn't caught up. Blonyx has changed that, bringing a great-tasting, clean, and truly innovative product to a market that desperately needs it.
  • A TRULY 'CLEAN' PROTEIN. Minimally processed, with manufacturing only taking 5 steps (much less than whey or plant-based proteins). Only 7 natural ingredients: Egg white protein isolate, organic cane sugar, natural chocolate flavor, cocoa, guar gum, sea salt, sunflower lecithin. All this means it's as close to real food as protein powders will get. The natural ingredients leave you without that artificial sweetener aftertaste, making this a protein you'll actually want to drink.
  • THE GOLD STANDARD FOR PROTEIN. Using Eggs, the World Health Organization (WHO) gold standard for protein, it delivers 20g of protein per serving, including a full amino acid profile - 9g essential amino acids (4g BCAAs), 11g non-essential amino acids.
  • SUPPORT A COMPANY YOU BELIEVE IN. In buying Blonyx products, you are voting for a positive change in the industry. As we grow in customer number, more brands will follow suit and commit to grounding their products in science, focusing on efforts that raise the bar for human performance, and to the pursuit of athletic ambition. Ultimately we are about changing this industry to start showing more respect to the athletes it serves, those with an unwavering commitment to their athletic ambition.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Because we’re committed to your Athletic Ambition.


Product Description


Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate


We love eggs.

They have a great nutritional profile - ideal for any active individual. They taste great when cooked and are used as part of many healthy nutritious recipes.

One thing they aren’t, however, is convenient for your average training day. They break in your gym bag, don’t stay still on flat surfaces and, let’s be honest, are pretty disgusting if eaten raw.

After a good while playing with this technology we ended up with an egg white protein powder that has no taste to it. With just a few additional ingredients, we turned our egg whites into chocolate milk (with no milk or lactose in sight).

For you active individuals this product offers supplemental protein you’ll actually want to drink every day. You’ll also find comfort in knowing it’s as close to real food as you can get.




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