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Fermented Glutamine Supplement Made with Non-GMO Vegetables – 300g - Orange

Fermented Glutamine Supplement Made with Non-GMO Vegetables – 300g - Orange

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  • FERMENTED L-GLUTAMINE POWDER | We are Canada’s first producer of fermented glutamine.
  • 100% PURE GLUTAMINE | North Coast Naturals Fermented Glutamine is non-GMO, 100% pure from natural sources. Unlike glutamine peptides, which are typically modified wheat gluten and contain only 20 to 30% glutamine, ours contains only 100% pure L-glutamine.
  • 5 G PER SERVING | Each serving provides an optimal daily dose.
  • MADE FROM FERMENTED, NON-GMO VEGETABLES | Made from the bacterial fermentation of gluten-free vegan sources and is naturally wheat-free.
  • MICRONIZED | This process allows for greater solubility & uptake. Mixes easily

Product Description


Our bodies produce L-glutamine naturally. It’s found primarily in skeletal muscle, and also in the liver, lungs, brain & stomach. However, intense exercise, physical & mental stress, illness & disease can deplete blood levels by 50%, making it an essential supplement for recovery.


Supplementing with L-glutamine powder will assist in repairing damaged muscle tissues after intensive training. It’s also the main fuel source for intestinal cells, & helps with leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s disease & other digestive disorders. White blood cells also rely on L-glutamine for fuel, making it a powerful immune system booster. Because it’s needed to produce the antioxidant glutathione, L-glutamine also helps liver detoxification.


North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glutamine is sourced from fermented non-GMO vegetables & then micronized for enhanced solubility & absorption. We use the free-form of this amino acid. Whether you choose the plain or orange flavoured option, you’ll get 5g of readily absorbed, pure glutamine that benefits the whole body.

60% of glutamine stores are found in skeletal muscles

Fuel for white blood cells & helps exercise-related immunosuppression

Main source of fuel for intestinal cells and helps repair leaky gut

Needed to produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that detoxifies the liver

Our products are made from Whole-Food based non-GMO options

Our products contain no artifical flavours, sweeteners,or colours - ever.

Free of any animal-based ingredients

North Coast Naturals is one of the few independently and 100% Canadian-owned supplement businesses remaining in Canada, employing over 120 Canadians.


Our supplements were created to help compensate for some of the nutritional deficiencies commonly found in many of today’s modern diets. These supplements play an important role in helping us maintain healthy nutrient levels so we can achieve vibrant health.


The goal to live a long and healthy life is one that we all strive for. Diet is the most important key to not only living longer but also reducing the chance of falling prey to the ravages of many diseases.


It's essential to remember that supplements, as their name suggests, are designed to "supplement" or "complement" the diet and not replace healthy eating.


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