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Fusion Muscle One Punch - KNOCKOUT PRE-WORKOUT

Fusion Muscle One Punch - KNOCKOUT PRE-WORKOUT

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Pump & Energy Pre-workout Formula

Meet FUSION MUSCLE ONE PUNCH™ MUSCLE PUMP, a pre-workout formula that puts the POW! in powerful workouts and stops villainous plateaus in their tracks. With ONE PUNCH™, hard-hitting energy and massive muscle pumps take your results up, up and away! Drink 20-30 minutes before training, and let the transformation begin.


You’re a stand-up person. You hit the gym, block out all distractions, and do your thing without complaint. Still, the pumps you crave have been few and far between – no matter how hard you train. Your muscles are in jeopardy, and there’s only one thing that can save them: ONE PUNCH.

ONE PUNCH™ has been masterminded to provide: 

    • Bigger, better muscle pumps – Ones that will stretch your shirt beyond its limits.

    • Epic strength and performance – Hard-hitting energy to lift heavier than you ever have before.

    • Legendary endurance – Intense stamina to pump out more sets and reps with greater ease.

    • Delayed fatigue – Helping you go longer and harder before feelin’ the burn.

    • No noticeable crash – Just a continual muscle-building high to maximize every workout.

    • Rock-solid recovery – Reducing soreness and repairing tired muscles so you can come back stronger next time.

    • Mind-blowing results – The culmination of all of the above!


Is ONE PUNCH right for you? We know the answer, but we’ll let you figure it out for yourself …

Do you want to blast through workouts with more power and strength?  

Do you want to push past your physical and mental limits

Do you want to see better, quicker results from your time in the gym?

And, oh yeah … Do you want to see massive pumps in the process? 

If you answered a “Hell ya!” to all four questions, ONE PUNCH has your name on it. Whether you’re new to working out or are a gym veteran, you can benefit from the undisputable power of ONE PUNCH.


Building muscle can be a mysterious process. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do – and when – to see your very best results. ONE PUNCH helps clear the confusion by going to work for you immediately. Just take ONE PUNCH 20 to 30 minutes before you train, and its two proprietary complexes do its thing, setting your results into motion.

The first complex is the Muscle Pump Energy Matrix, which contains 8,000mg of Citrulline Malate. Although your body produces its own supply of this amino acid, supplementing with extra Citrulline Malate can take your results to the next level.

Among other benefits, Citrulline Malate has been shown to boost strength and endurance during workouts, increase muscle pumps, fight fatigue, and improve recovery. This means more reps, less soreness, and better results.

Meanwhile, the Muscle Pump Energy Matrix wouldn’t be complete without some Agmatine, a derivative of the amino acid L-arginine. Agmatine is known for its nitric oxide-boosting effects and ability to induce crazy muscle pumps. It also supports workout intensity, focus, and insulin regulation to help keep you building lean muscle. These and other key ingredients make the Muscle Pump Energy Matrix a force to be reckoned with. But we didn’t stop there. ONE PUNCHalso contains an Electrolyte Complex to help generate more energy and fuel better muscle function. This is crucial since you lose important fluids and minerals when you sweat. The Electrolyte Complex helps restore what’s been lost so your muscles, tissues, and nerves get what they need to perform.


If you’re trying to stay lean while building muscle, you know the struggle is real. Most of us need every bit of help we can get when trying to ditch the love handles and sculpt a six-pack. That’s why each serving of ONE PUNCH contains zero grams of sugar (aka, a dieter’s arch enemy). Sugar is OK in moderation … but as soon as you consume more than the recommended daily serving (which most people do), a switch is flipped in your system that essentially tells your body to store more fat. With a zero-sugar profile, ONE PUNCH gives you super-hero strength to etch those beautiful abs.

But fear not. “Zero sugar” doesn’t equal “zero taste.” Try all three delicious ONE PUNCH flavours – Rocket PopSour Green Apple, and Cherry Blaster – and see for yourself.

Let your muscle-building adventure begin!



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