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Caffeine free

PURPLE-K REPS is formulated to maximize explosive strength and support muscle endurance for maximum lifts and longer sets, ensuring muscle growth. How? The bioavailable creatine, the muscle-building ingredients beta-alanine and citrulline malate, and other supportive, energizing ingredients in PURPLE•K REPS work together to fuel a superior training session every time. Pack on the muscle by making sure your workouts don’t fall short.

Get Ready for More …

    • Strength – to lift more, go harder, and perform better at your sport.

    • Endurance – to help keep you going when your body wants to quit.

    • Energy – to feel more invigorated with every set, rep, run, or drill.

    • Results – to turn all that hard work into noticeable gains.

It’s All Thanks to These Key Ingredients: 


    • 3,000 mg Citrulline Malate – boosts nitric oxide production and muscle pumps.

    • 1,600 mg Beta Alanine – increases power output and delays the onset of fatigue.

    • 750 mg PURPLE•K – improves strength, performance, and muscle growth.

    • 750 mg Glycine – supports strong, healthy joints for optimum mobility.

    • 500 mg Taurine – fuels longer workouts and reduces muscle damage/soreness.



Get ready for an intense training session supported by the therapeutically dosed pre-workout PURPLE•K REPS. PURPLE•K REPS takes the muscle-fuelling strength of PURPLE•K – the King of Creatines – and lifts it to a new level by adding the REPS COMPLEX.




Directions: Consume your PURPLE•K REPS dose all at once 15 to 30 minutes prior to your workout. Mix 2 level scoops of PURPLE•K REPS with 250 mL of water. To adjust flavouring to your liking, increase or decrease the amount of water you mix it with.


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