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Green Coffee Bean Extract (90 caps)

Green Coffee Bean Extract (90 caps)

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Supports body fat reduction

Powerful anti-oxidant

Promotes fat oxidation


Top Secret Nutrition has compiled the highest quality Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCE) from unroasted coffee beans to give you the most pure form of caffeic acid and (50%) chlorogenic acid. These two antioxidant compounds found in GCE have been clinically researched with proven beneficial effects on weight loss, inhibition of fatty acid synthase, heightened fat oxidation, and increased metabolic rate. The addition of lipase helps to promote the highest level of lean muscle development to help you make great weight loss strides.

Each serving contains 800 mg. green coffee extract, which is comprised of 50% chlorogenic acid, with no fillers or artificial ingredients. When combined with a healthy diet and a regular fitness regimen, your weight loss goals are within reach.

Top Secret Nutrition supports a total lifestyle regimen of regular exercise and a clean balanced diet for the best results with our products.

Dosage: Take two (2) veggie capsules before a meals or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.  

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