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Magnum Nutraceuticals After Burner Bedtime Burner - 72 Capsules

Magnum Nutraceuticals After Burner Bedtime Burner - 72 Capsules

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  • BEDTIME BURNER - Magnum After Burner packs an effective combination of specifically dosed, stimulant-free ingredients into one powerful capsule formula. Ignite your body while you sleep with After Burner!
  • WEIGHT LOSS LEADER - After Burner has helped countless active gym-goers experience real results with their weight loss goals. After Burner is highly rated and reviewed among top athletes, trainers, and clients from around the world.
  • STIMULANT-FREE THERMOGENIC - After Burner is completely stimulant-free, designed to be taken before bed to help both men and women continue working towards their weight loss goals while they sleep.
  • TUNIQUE & EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS - After Burner is safe, effective, and free from banned substances. After Burner contains some of the industry’s leading and most effective stimulant-free weight loss ingredients.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY - All Magnum products are backed by real science, unmatched quality, and guaranteed results. For over 16 years, Magnum has led the industry with award-winning formulas that are lab-certified, safe, and developed with integrity.

Are you ready to burn fat in your sleep?

Magnum's After Burner is the most effective nighttime fat burner available. Long after your day is over and you are asleep in bed. After Burner allows you to continue using fat as energy by:

  • Increase fat loss while you sleep
  • Decrease fat storage
  • Reducing food cravings and hunger
  • Increasing thermogenesis without stimulants

After Burner achieves this in a multitude of ways, but a critical factor is the activation of your brown adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue is one of the two types of adipose tissue in the human body. (The other type - called white adipose tissue - is the fat you find on your stomach, love handles and bum). Brown adipose tissue contains a significantly higher concentration of mitochondria than white adipose tissue; its primary function is to generate heat, which it does by burning white adipose tissue. When you activate your brown adipose tissue while you sleep, your fat actually burns fat!


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