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Mammoth Protein Bar, 25g Protein, (12 per box)

Mammoth Protein Bar, 25g Protein, (12 per box)

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  • MAMMOTH PROTEIN Bar is loaded with an Industry Leading 25g of Protein.
  • HIGH PROTEIN Meal Replacement: Protein bars have the advantage of convenience. They can be consumed quickly by active people or professionals.
  • MAMMOTH PROTEIN has a big crunch, soft-core, quadruple supreme tasting layers.
  • The SIGNIFICANT DOSE of PROTEIN will help you hit your daily nutritional requirements and support the growth of lean muscle mass.
  • LOW SUGAR, LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN, Gluten Free. If you are on quest for protein the Mammoth Protein Bar is for you

Looking for that perfect snack to satisfy your hunger? The Mammoth Protein Bar is just what you need! The Mammoth Protein bar is a delicious quadruple layer high protein bar packed with 25 grams of Protein! Amazing taste with less than 5 grams of sugar!


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