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MVP Biotech Citrulline Malate (300g powder), (100 servings)

MVP Biotech Citrulline Malate (300g powder), (100 servings)

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MVP L-citrulline-malate is a perfect combination for increasing plasma arginine availability for Nitric Oxide. NO incredibly increases blood flow to muscles during your hardcore workout that can give extra pumps and fast delivery of core elements for muscle growth. It means you are having energy for even longer workouts, better muscle pump, increase muscle growth and faster recuperation.

Best before date: 2020 Jan



    1. Promotes NO Production.

    1. Supports Muscle Vitality.

    1. Anti-Fatigue Properties.

    1. Cardiovascular Health.

    1. Alleviate Erectile Dysfunction

Medicinal Ingredient ( per 1 scoop):
L-Citrulline ((S)-N5-Carbamoylornithine) as Citrulline malate..3000 mg

Recommended dose (adults): Take one (1) scoop, once daily.
Directions for use: Mix product well in 4 oz - 8 oz of liquid (water, juice, etc.) immediately before consumption.

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