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MVP Biotech L-Carnitine Mega Splash (220g), (Berries)

MVP Biotech L-Carnitine Mega Splash (220g), (Berries)

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Increases Endurance Capacity Through Boosting Vo2 Max Levels.
Beneficial For Recovery.
Combats Fatigue.
Eliminates Fat Mass.
Supports Heart Function.
Supports Healthy Brain Function.
Helps To Prevent Muscle Atrophy.
Antioxidant Effects.
Supports Healthy Aging.



L-Carnitine is known to be effective in weight management during training, beneficial for cardiovascular health, including positive effects on heart muscle, healthy cholesterol and it also plays an essential role in healthy aging helping elderly persons to stay fit and healthy in both mind and body. In addition, carnitine supplementation can improve lipid metabolism, protein nutrition and red blood cell count.





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