MVP Biotech Vasotrex (180 caps)

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VASOTREX IV is an advanced proprietary complex designed to promote the release of nitric oxide at a steady and constant rate throughout the day.

The increased blood flow to the muscle cells results in an overall greater amino acid and glucose uptake, enhanced muscle recovery and protein synthesis. We have formulated VASOTREX IV™ to be a precursor to NO endogenous release. With four orally affective Arginine compounds, VASOTREX IV™ promises to deliver extreme pumps.

To push the system to even higher levels, we have added two potent elements to VASOTREX IV™. Gynostemma pentaphyllum, a natural herb containing gypenoside alkaloids, has also been shown to promote nitric oxide release. L-Norvaline provides the ultimate advantage to the system. It is capable of inhibiting the Arginase enzyme that is responsible for destroying NO. With Arginase out of the picture, NO survive for longer time periods and can achieve concentrations not normally seen.
Use VASOTREX IV™ to not only stimulate increased glucose and oxygen uptake, but as your answer to the quality lean muscle, strength gains, mind-blowing hardness and vascularity that you want!