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MVP Crea-Lyn 750 Creatine (120 caps)

MVP Crea-Lyn 750 Creatine (120 caps)

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Kre-Alkalyn® is highly bioavailable and you only need a smaller amount of Kre-Alkalyn per serving to give you the same results as other forms of creatine.
Better absorption by muscle tissue.
No holding water or bloating.

Kre-Alkalyn® is a patented form of creatine that supports workout performance, strength, power, intensity and muscular endurance.Ph buffered – Kre-Alkalyn® is formulated with a higher Ph than other forms of creatine.


Supports Workout Performance

Boosts Strength And Power

Promotes Muscular Endurance

(Kre-Alkalyn is patented & all products are the same regardless of price).


Take 2 caps before and 2 caps after your workout.

Only take 2 capsules on non workout days.



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