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MVP High Voltage Hardcore (50 servings)

MVP High Voltage Hardcore (50 servings)

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1. Superior to other regular nitric oxide products.
2. Surpass the potency of any other muscle builders on the market!
3. Unique formula shuttling more nutrients into your muscle tissues.
4. Forces rapid increases in muscle growth & size for maximum pumps.
5. Triggering extreme increase in pure energy and mental focus.
6. Floods muscle tissues with pump-inducing vascular expanders.


What is Nitric Oxide Injection System and How is ATP Transport Matrix Works?

VOLTAGE X² HARDCORE™ is a performance enhancing Pre-Workout Advanced Nitric Oxide Injection System that combines a revolutionary Matrix and the latest technology resulting in the most cutting edge pre-workout energy enhancing supplement today. VOLTAGE X² HARDCORE™ (Neuron Osmo-Transmitters) Technology is the complete pre-workout supplement that uses scientifically proven compounds and technologies to “get your soul in the routine”.VOLTAGE X² HARDCORE™, through its core compounds, increases and extends nitric oxide production in the body through four mechanisms of action to help increase blood flow to the muscles for enhanced muscle pumps and improves general condition of an athlete.VOLTAGE X² HARDCORE™ promotes muscle strength development while improving recovery.

Dosage - Adults: For optimum utilization mix 1 scoop of powder with 6 oz (177ml) of water or your favorite beverage. Stir and enjoy!

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