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MVP Next Level Creatine (300g)

MVP Next Level Creatine (300g)

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Strength ● Size ● Stamina

• Gives better and bigger pumps
• Enhances Cells volumization
• Provides and intense degree of energy
• Accelerate atp production
• Promotes recovery

Best before date: 2020 May



MVP Biotech uses only the finest 200 mesh creatine available giving you the utmost efficiency in creatine uptake and muscle cell saturation. Micronization has many grades and as we spared no expense to give you the best and highest grade money can buy. See an feel the difference. Take it to the NEXT LEVEL™ with MVP Biotech.

Every athlete involved in any sport which requires frequent, short bursts of energy, would benefit from creatine supplementation, by replenishing ATP quicker. It is highly recommended for power lifting, weightlifting, football, soccer, bodybuilding, swimming, basketball, and hockey, just to mention a few!

“Next Level Creatine” the purest Ultra-Micro-Molecule creatine available on the global market today. Some companies won’t hesitate to sell you cheap, low-grade creatine. We, on the other hand, have spared no expense in bringing you top quality creatine from Germany. MVP Labs absolutely guarantees you that you get the finest ingredients money can buy for maximum purity, freshness & quality.

Nutrition Facts: per 5g serving (1 Scoop), 60 servings

Creatine Monohydrate 5g

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement add one scoop (5 gr) in 8 oz of water or juice. Drink immediately. Note: best taken on an empty stomach.

CREATINE LOADING: Day 1 through 5 take 1 scoop 4 times daily.

CREATINE MAINTENANCE: Day 6 forward take 1 scoop daily.

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