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Phytoplankton Biotech 15g

Phytoplankton Biotech 15g

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As most customers find out, Karen Phytoplankton is more than just an ordinary food.   Being the foundation of the oceanic food chain and sustaining life in the ocean demands a lot of nutrition.   Superfoods have been around for decades but there are still unfulfilled gaps in human nutritional needs. 

Direct from the world class growing facility Fitoplancton Marino, this bottle containing 15 grams is enough for a one month supply.


The Discovery Of Our Phytoplankton


Phytoplankton has been the foundational source of nutrition and food for the ocean since the beginning of time.   Pure Phytoplankton powder for human nutrition and food has only been around since 2006.   It was a good day for the human race when the food source that powers and sustains the ocean was discovered to have the same effect on human beings.

If one took the time to search the history books, it will be hard to find another food that has garnered so much attention in different circles in such a short period of time.   Whether one is a university professor, a naturopathic doctor, a health food store owner or a person who eats Phytoplankton, it is pretty hard to disprove that there is something special and beyond the ordinary in Phytoplankton as a human food source.

For example:  The majority of people who eat Phytoplankton report life changing feelings of well being in a short period time, ranging from the same day to three weeks.   Most of the people who eat our Phytoplankton claim this food becomes their staple and their base source of nutrition.   Not only do most people who eat our Phytoplankton enjoy eating it as a daily ritual, they also are more than happy to share and tell all their friends and acquaintances about how it makes them feel in a positive way.   This to us is the biggest measuring stick on any product.

Naturopath Doctors and Health Food Store owners are discovering our Phytoplankton.   Nothing to us is more enjoyable when people in these professions call us back with all the accounts and experiences their customers and patients are enjoying after eating our Phytoplankton.

Universities around the world are starting to put their research resources into Phytoplankton, including our Phytoplankton.    Our Phytoplankton has been tested in-vitro on breast and colon cancer cells with great promise being the outcome.   Our Phytoplankton has been involved in tests where active ingredients have been discovered to work against skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema, and Atopic Skin.

Just recently we discovered our Phytoplankton has optimal levels of Super Oxide Dismutase in it.   This molecule is considered by many as the king of the antioxidants and the “molecule of life”.   What this means is that when free radical cells form inside the body they age the body, and over time issues with age come with it.   When Super Oxide Dismutase is absorbed into the body these free radicals are expelled.   This leaves a higher concentration of healthy cells that have been nourished with the other elements of the Phytoplankton.   The result of this is the slowing down of the aging process. This is just one more thing to get excited about Phytoplankton and we are confident this is just the beginning of discoveries yet to come.

What we do know, is that the era of Phytoplankton mass consciousness is near.   We are proud to be the pioneers of pure Phytoplankton powder.  We are proud and honored to be aligned with Fitoplancton Marino in Cadiz, Spain who is  the leader in research and development and the leader in cultivation, with certifications of the highest level of growing standards and practices of any growing facility.

Nutritional Information:


The best way to take Karen is with water. Follow these simple instructions. If you prefer you can also mix Karen with applesauce, yogurt or juice. Enjoy!



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