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Pulley System workout

Pulley System workout

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  • 【3 in 1 Pulley System】Short grips, triceps rope and straight bar makes them possible: crossover, pull downs, overhead triceps extensions, push downs, hammer curls, close grip rows, triceps depression, vertical row, straight curly hair and sitting row. DIY your pulley system for exercise by changing installation methods with 3 sets of handles, hoist buckle, steel cable and silent pulley. Widely used to train biceps, triceps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoid muscles, etc.
  • 【Easy to Assemble and Carry】 Package content: 1x straight bar, 1x triceps rope, 2x short grips, 1x steel cable, 2x nylon ropes, 1x loading pin, 1x pulley, 1x lanyard, 1x M7 carabiner, 5x M9 carabiners. Just pass loading pin through the center hole of counterweight plate and connect every part. The cable attachments for gym can be connected to power cage, pullup bar, the beam, or any position the lanyard can be installed. Small package size allows you to carry cable machine anywhere while travel.
  • 【Professional Gym Equipment】 Weight limit: 300 pounds / 130 kg. 1) Use special heavy steel made silent pulley to avoid generated extra noise during operation; 2) Gravity ball on steel cable stops it shaking during training; 3) Premium closed alloy lanyard buckle providing sufficient protection; 4) Loading pin can fit standard or Olympic weight plates.
  • 【Sturdy Gym Accessories】 2.0 meters pulley system is made of 49 strands of high-strength stainless-steel wire by double-twisted cable technology. 360° rotatable silent pulley with sealed bearings operates nice and smooth with no noise. Loading pin is made of chrome steel, high-density lanyard is made of complex hook thread nylon. Cable pulley system for exercise is suitable for counterweight plates with a center hole less than 7cm.
  • 【Widely Used for Home Gym】 Connect handles to steel cable by carabiners, you can change handles or accessories to make different pulley systems. Add it to home fitness equipment, power cage, overall gym, weightlifting machine, or exercise machine. Providing great versatility for home gyms, personal training studios, physical therapy centers and various workout environments.

Product Description

Compact Home Gym Equipment

FASPUP pulley system gym can provide you a intensify bodyweight workout and keeping in shape, It is a no-fuss pulley system gym helping beginners and intermediates build muscles and improve your stamina, and strength.

This pulley system gym can be set up anywhere including at home or gym. All you need to find is a hook or beam to hang it, such as pull up bar, ceiling hook, door hook, squat rack or power cage.

The set contains

  • 1x straight bar, 1x triceps rope, 2x short grips (The main handles depends on the style you choose )
  • 1x steel cable, 2x nylon ropes
  • 1x loading pin, 1x pulley, 1x hanging strap
  • 3x M7 carabiners , 3x M9 carabiners

Different Training Ways of FASPUP Gym Pulley System for Pulldown Biceps Triceps Training

  • FASPUP pulley system gym is pretty easy to set up, do not occupy much floor space, the pulley system is perfect for space crunched homes and garage gyms.
  • You can set the pulley system gym up and remove it within minutes. Perfect for small homes where you can’t have bigger lat machines.
  • Pulley system gym are not only specifically for the upper body, the pulley system can also be used for the lower body as well if specially set.
  • FASPUP pulley system gym has a weight capacity of 300lbs/130kg, which is enough for beginners, intermediates, and people who are undergoing therapy or prefer working with low weights.

Detail of FASPUP Gym Pulley Cable System for Triceps and Biceps Strength Training

Training ways Pulldown/Lifts up Twist the bar Squeeze the ball Pull-up support Pulldown Pulldown


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