Resistance Bands for Portable Home Gym

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  • FITS FOR MOST OF PORTABLE HOME GYM: Band set provides 50lbs resistance, allows you to upgrade your workout with heavier resistance. Resistance bands are 27.5", shorter than the normal resistance bands, specifically for the Gonex and other bands' portable gym system.


  • UPGRADE YOUR WORKOUT: By adding additional resistance bands to the Gonex portable home gym, you can get the harder workout easily and adjust the weight according to your custom daily workout plan.


  • CLOTH COVERED, SAFER & MORE DURABLE: Gonex bands are made of 103% latex, which is stronger, more stretchable and could retain the bands' original shape and keep from tearing. These bands also are cloth-covered, helpful to avoid latex allergies and more comfortable during the workout.


  • EASY TO ADJUST THE RESISTANCE: Gonex resistance bands are paired up with Gonex portable home gym. You could adjust the length of the band by buckling more than one anchor point and combine different level resistance bands to get different resistance. The various setting allows you get perfect weight for different muscle groups' training.


  • FITS FOR FULL BODY WORKOUT: Worked with Gonex home gym system, you could use these bands to strengthen your 5 major muscle groups by doing more than 73 moves, like Chest press, bench press, uppercut, tricep pushdowns, squat, deadlift, T-bar row and so on. You can work out any time, anywhere with Gonex Portable Home Gym System.