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Sea Vegetables Antioxidant, 270 gram, (60 servings)

Sea Vegetables Antioxidant, 270 gram, (60 servings)

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  • fresh sea vegetables from canada, usa, greece
  • unique formulas for specific health needs
  • flax in original and weight loss as detox support
  • Ingredients: Goji Berry Bilberry Fruit Cedar Berries Chaste Berries Hawthorn Berries Mulberries Juniper Berries Saw Palmetto Schizandra Berries Amalaki Fruit Haritaki Fruit Bibhitaki Fruit

Sea vegetables are stimulated to life through photosynthesis. Sun energy in the most powerful source of energy, thus, sea vegetables are the word's most potent food source. Due to their extreme nutrient profile, density and bio availability, sea vegetables are the greatest green super food with no competition in the arena of health benefits. All our formulas are considered to be natures multi-vitamin, mineral and trace mineral with exceptional phytonutrients. Plant based omega 3 and fiber. 1 tsp is equal to 10 servings of fruit and vegetable in nutrient density as the bio availability is 98%. all formulas are alkalizing, pH balancing and detoxifying. The unique differences are referenced in product benefits.


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