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Veeva - Stress Relief Formula, 60 Vcaps

Veeva - Stress Relief Formula, 60 Vcaps

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✔ Reduce your stress.

✔ Get a whole new perspective on stress.

✔ Helps manage mental and physical stress

✔ Calms the mind

✔ Eases tension

✔ Balances mood


Why wait until you feel overwhelmed to deal with stress? Veeva's unique formula actually prepares your body to handle stress before it begins to affect you. By providing all-natural support to the brain, Veeva helps reduce your stress response while adding nourishment and balance to your central nervous system. What’s that mean for you? All those things that normally cause you stress suddenly seem like no big deal.
Happiness ensues.

- Reduces mental and physical stress by up to 72%
- Calms the mind
- Eases tension
- Balances mood

Studies used in the development of veeva, included assessment of these parameters:

Excessive activity
Motility disturbances
Speaking difficulties
Emotional Instability
Compulsory obsessive behaviour
Mental confusion
Muscular reactions
Somatic disturbances
Guilt feelings
Poor relationships with others
Inferiority feelings
Psychosomatic perturbations
Difficulty with food
Sleeping difficulties
Mood balance
Ability to sustain attention
Nutrient absorption
Oxidative stress
Stress and Anxiety

"Look on the bright side."

Promotes healthy mood balance
Happiness ensues


Recommended dose:
One vegetable capsule in the morning upon waking up, and in the evening before bedtime.

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