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Vegan Omega 3 Supplement – Made from Algae, Not from Fish – Two Months Supply

Vegan Omega 3 Supplement – Made from Algae, Not from Fish – Two Months Supply

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  • BEST VEGAN OMEGA-3 VALUE - 1-a-day high quality vegan Omega-3 supplement; contains 625mg Algae oil from which 250mg DHA and 125 mg EPA per capsule! So 60 capsules are 2 months of supply!
  • ALGAE OMEGA-3 - No contamination (mercury, PCBs, dioxins) like fish oils. Fish oils need 5 to 6 chemical treatments to get rid of this contamination. Our Algal Oil comes from microalgae that are grown in the United States. All of our products are bottled in FDA registered facilities.
  • NO FISHY BURBS - Because Algae oil is fresh and not rancid as many fish oil supplements.
  • SUSTAINABLE - Omega-3 directly from the source (Algae) without the use of unnecessarily caught fish. If you choose algae oil capsules, you are not only putting your own health first but also helping to maintain a healthy fish and krill population and a healthy environment.
  • HEALTHY - Testa Vegetarian Plant-based Omega-3 with DHA and EPA is good for the BRAIN, HEART, EYES & JOINTS.

Product Description

Testa Omega-3

Algae Oil DHA + EPA

Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA is a complete Omega-3 product that is suitable for everyone, 1 capsule per day provides the perfect support for heart, brain and eyes. Testa Omega-3 DHA + EPA contains at least 450 mg Omega-3, or which more than 250 mg DHA and more than 125 mg EPA per capsule. This product is very suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Usage: Take one softgel per day directly before or after a meal with a glass of water. Unless otherwise advised, do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Product highlights

  • Daily recommended amount of Omega-3 in 1 capsule
  • No fishy after taste and burps
  • No shellfish allergies
  • More sustainable than fish oil
  • Pure without the toxins of fish (dioxins, PCB, mercury, etc.)
  • Sourced directly from cultivated algae in the US

Omega-3 helps the body function optimally

Omega-3 fatty acids are used by multiple systems in your body. Your body can’t produce Omega-3 on its own, so you have to get it from food or a supplement. Support your heart, brain, joints and eyesight with our easy-to-swallow Vegan Omega 3 softgels. With Testa, you choose all the goodness of omega-3 in the right dosage every day.

100% plant-based and vegan friendly

Most sources of omega-3 DHA and EPA are not plant-based and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. For vegetarians and vegans it is particularly important to take extra DHA and EPA because ALA (found in many seeds and oils) can only be converted into DHA and EPA to a limited extent. Algae oil supplements are 100% plant-based and fits perfectly in the vegan diet.

Safe and pure ingredients

Unfortunately, fish contain a lot more nowadays than just omega-3. Fish are often full of PCBs, mercury, dioxins and other toxins that need to be filtered out first. We extract omega-3 directly from algae in a pure, controlled process. This way you are assured not to ingest any toxins when taking your omega-3 supplements.

Our mission: a fish-free omega-3 industry

Overfishing threatens our oceans. The entire ecosystem becomes unbalanced as a result of this overfishing of the food chain. With disastrous consequences for people and the planet. Currently, some 25% of the world’s fish catch is used to extract essential omega 3 fatty acids, This has to change. And fortunately, it can be done very easily. The unique and patented solution of Testa Omega-3 is as simple as it is smart. Fish do not make omega-3 themselves, but extract it from algae. And that’s exactly what we do: obtain omega-3 from farmed algae.

  • Sea Shepherd

We support their mission to protect and conserve animal species and ecosystems in the oceans. Sea Shepherd’s actions are aimed at stopping the slaughter of marine animals and the destruction of their habitats. They investigate, register and document illegal activities at sea. They draw their donors’ attention to the healthy alternatives that are available for eating fish. From Testa we make a donation to their actions and offer our fellow striders also the possibility to add an extra donation to their purchase.

  • rePurpose

We package our capsules in plastic blister strips because this is the best protection for now and because it allows us to maintain the quality and shelf life of the algae oil better than any other algae oil brand. However, plastic is a major threat to the oceans. Out of responsibility we support the work of rePurpose. They are a global ‘Plastic Action Platform’ aimed at reducing waste and restoring the natural balance. With them we now collect twice as much plastic as we produce.

1. Algae and nutrition

The production process of Testa Omega-3 algae oil only uses two materials: sea algae and glucose. Glucose, or rather dextrose, is food for the algae and obtained from locally produced maize – a renewable resource. The algae and algae oil are produced by various partners in the US and EU.

2. Fermentation

During the fermentation process, algae cells multiply exponentially and convert dextrose into omega-3 fatty acids that accumulate in oil cells.

3. Processing

In the processing process, the cell wall is broken down and the oil is separated from the water. The end result is a highly concentrated algae oil and residual water.


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