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Blue Star Nutraceuticals Whey Smooth (2 x 4lb combo)

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Whey Smooth (2 x 4lb combo)

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Build muscle and burn fat with 30 g of pure, premium whey protein in every delicious serving.

The Proof is in the Protein.

Scientific research consistently shows that protein supplementation
has real and significant effects on muscle mass, muscle strength,
and muscle quality in men and women of all ages.

Not all Protein is the Same.

There are many different types of protein, and they’re not all equal. When it comes to absorption, delivery, and stimulation, whey protein dramatically outperforms soy, casein, egg, and vegan proteins. Simply put, whey protein is the single most effective protein for building and maintaining pure muscle.

Whey Smooth is 100% Whey.

Every gram of protein in Blue Star Nutraceuticals Whey Smooth comes from whey protein. No soy. No casein. No egg. This means that Whey Smooth costs considerably more to make than our competitors’ proteins, but we feel it’s worth it. After all, we’re only as good as your last results.



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