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Whole Egg Crystals- Equivalent to 5.3 eggs

Whole Egg Crystals- Equivalent to 5.3 eggs

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  • EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY - Stock easy-to-cook eggs in your pantry with OvaEasy freeze dried eggs! Each pack of our dehydrated food does not require refrigeration. You can even store this for 30 months without worrying about spoilage! For an already opened bag, you can still use the powdered eggs within six months.
  • MADE FROM REAL FRESH EGGS - Each pack of OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals is equivalent to 5 real fresh eggs. Satisfy your egg cravings with all-natural powdered eggs from OvaEasy! This dehydrated food is made from non-GMO eggs for a nutrient-rich product.
  • EASY TO PREPARE EGG MEAL - Just mix 2 parts OvaEasy with 3 parts cold water. Cook or microwave the mixture and enjoy the egg's delightful taste! You can also refrigerate any remaining liquid egg and cook the egg powder mixture within five days.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES - Tired of processed food filled with artificial ingredients? OvaEasy egg powder uses natural and fresh ingredients to provide you with hormone and antibiotic-free dried eggs. What's more, OvaEasy egg crystals only contain natural flavors and colors from wholesome fresh eggs.
  • MADE WITH REFINED DRYING TECHNOLOGY - We process our dehydrated eggs with modern and safe drying technology to provide healthy and tasty quick meals. Our crystal freeze-drying procedure ensures that you will still taste the natural flavors of whole eggs. More importantly, we expose all-natural eggs to low-temperature pasteurization techniques that do not affect their nutritional content.

You never know when or where food cravings kick in. What if you're in a hurry, but your taste buds suddenly long for fresh scrambled eggs? Good thing there's OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals the most convenient way to enjoy fluffy, flavorful eggs whenever, wherever. These powdered eggs undergo a proprietary drying technology that retains the integrity of all-natural eggs, giving you the whole taste & feel of scrambled eggs for every serving. Just mix 2 parts of egg powder with 3 parts cold water and blend the mixture. After that, cook or microwave the egg as you would usually cook scrambled eggs. You can also use these dehydrated eggs for baking! Enjoy fresh scrambled eggs in virtually any setting! Pack it as a camping food or include this in your emergency food list! Each pack contains five all-natural eggs & can even be eaten by those undergoing the keto diet, as each serving contains only 6 grams of protein & 0 grams of carbs! Looking for the healthiest egg powder in the market? It's in every OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals! OvaEasy Whole Egg Crystals: The OvaEasy way to enjoy your favorite scrambled eggs!


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