Buyonik represents a unique business opportunity that totally revolutionizes the way of doing business, Buyonik is the online sales platform you should partner with. Our mission, to share the wealth between manufacturers, merchants, while giving access to better than market prices to our consumers. 

Buyonik is a platform developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Buyonik favors local purchases to keep profits in the local community.

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Today Buyonik, supported by Fabco, are proud to present to you the business vision of the future, that of an equitable sharing of wealth in order to ensure our success and yours. The first equation was to give consumers back their rightful place, by offering them the best prices on the market on their personal purchases thanks to a unique concept of direct sales from the manufacturer to consumers. Exceptional discounts!

Then in a second step, share the wealth by offering everyone the possibility of going into business thanks to a turnkey online store and the possibility of receiving 50% of the profits generated. In addition, as an affiliate you benefit from a 10% discount on your referrals. How does it actually work?

– Manufacturer-to-consumer direct sales
– 50/50 split on profits plus 10% on your referrals
– Buyonik and Fabco bear all costs.
– Buyonik and Fabco provide you with a turnkey solution for starting your business. Your cost 0$. Here’s everything we do for you and your affiliates.

– Your turnkey Buyonik shop
– No inventory costs! No storage fees! No shipping costs!
– No design costs (graphic designer, logo and visual)
– Operating license
– Transactional platform for online sales and updates
– Promotional mockup for the product
– Liability insurance
– Credit card fees
– Transactional website
– Hosting of the site
– Residual (you keep what you have acquired)
– What we are most proud of, we are the only repartition program that aims to counter the globalization of markets step by step

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