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Buyonik represents a unique business opportunity that totally revolutionizes the way of doing business, Buyonik is the online sales platform you should partner with. Our mission, to share the wealth between manufacturers, merchants, while giving access to better than market prices to our consumers. 

Buyonik is a platform developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Buyonik favors local purchases to keep profits in the local community. 

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Support offer to merchants by Buyonik 

  • Create or improve their current online store. 
  • Unique WEB strategy with: 
  1. A) Press release and media relations for the deployment of our viral contests.
  2. B) Interactive viral WEB strategy geo-targeted on the Canadian territory, but more specifically within a radius of 15 to 20 kilometers from each merchant, to create viral hubs by region. 
  3. C) One contest per season.
  4. D) One newsletter per month to all registrations. 
  5. E) An automatic email response to all participants talking about the targeted product or concept .
  6. F) Viral sharing on social networks. 
  7. G) Web banners (more than 20 different banners in constant change).
  8. H) Google display remarketing campaign. 
  9. I) Facebook Ads, Linkedln Ads. 
  10. J) SEO.
  11. K) Contest application with URL integrated in Facebook.

  • 3 to 6 months interest free financing on your products or on those of Buyonik at your choice. This financing allows merchants to acquire more products, expand their network and maximize their sales. 
  • Upon integration of our store, a free web campaign worth $10,000 will be launched. This campaign will be linked to exceptional offers prepared by us but accepted by you, which will make your store the place targeted by consumers. 
  • Connection with the right manufacturers and consulting services for the choice of custom products to be manufactured to enhance their current offer.
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Text that I will publish on LinkedIn, Facebook and all.  The objective is to make the concept known to different stakeholders who will join our group either as Manufacturer, Master or Merchant and even partner.  

1- For a few years, the way of doing business has changed. Over the last 12 months this process has accelerated. More and more consumers are changing the way they shop. Manufacturers and merchants must quickly adapt if they want to maintain or increase their market share. To achieve this, the manufacturer's sale to consumers must go through a new distribution network. A more direct network, with adjusted profit margins, that allows consumers to save money and thus promote volume to expand. 

2- Buyonik's strategy is based on profit sharing (75%). It is a new approach that better distributes wealth, it supports the small SME in its environment, its unique system of redistribution, allows a fairer distribution of the economy. The essential element of this success is to give back to consumers the place they deserve (quality and price). This last premise leaves no doubt about the guarantee of your success with Buyonik

3- Buyonik represents a unique opportunity for your company to contribute to a project that respects each of the actors involved. Far from putting aside the profitability aspect, we make sure that the profits are shared fairly and respectfully among all and not only directed towards the (Amazon, Ali Express et all) of this world. Are you ready to increase your sales volume and develop new markets? With Buyonik's digital strategy, you have an exceptional window of opportunity. The best offer on the web for online business! 

4- Currently, many people are working to find solutions to keep as many jobs as possible in our region and, of course, to promote our local markets even internationally. The cornerstone of Buyonik's proposal is a large-scale sharing economy. This reformulated vision of the economy, allowing for profit sharing, will benefit manufacturers, merchants and consumers. Buyonik wants to be the vector of a new way of approaching the sale in all its components. 

5- The whole thing is based on an equation that gives consumers the place they deserve. Our plan is to create an Amazon-like model, but in reverse, since the majority of profits will be distributed locally through a network of affiliated and targeted merchants. Buyonik offers a marketing strategy that allows participating businesses to be incorporated into the web distribution process in addition to offering them the opportunity to recuperate their in-store purchases. 

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