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Mystique Coffee


Founded in 1998, Café Mystique Coffee Inc. has become one of the top coffee companies in Canada, specializing in the roasting and distribution of specialty-grade coffee. In the year 2000, Café Mystique Coffee was one of the first companies in Canada to obtain fair trade and organic certifications. Since then, our commercial activities and our service offer have continued to grow and diversify.


Our product family consists of a variety of specialty grade, fair trade and organic certified coffees. Our blends and flavors are available in beans or ground and, more recently, in Mystique K-Cup® pods.


In 1998, our mission and vision was to become one of Canada's top companies in the roasting and distribution of specialty-grade coffees.

After two decades, Café Mystique Coffee has accomplished its main goal and reached new heights by affiliating with reputable companies to distribute its products nationwide.

Café Mystique Coffee offers a variety of products including whole bean, roast and ground coffee, and now in single serve Mystique K-Cup® pods. Our products are offered directly to merchants for retail resale (B2B) and individuals (B2C).

With our new single-serve Mystique K-Cup® pods, we offer custom co-branding solutions for specific events.

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